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CA Praveen Sharma Age, Bio, Wiki, Facts and More

CA Praveen Sharma, a respected accountancy educator, is 34 years old. Specializing in teaching complex accounting concepts for CA students at the Intermediate and Final levels, Sharma is renowned for his unique teaching style that simplifies intricate subjects. He has established a strong presence in the field with positive student feedback and offers satellite classes across India. Beyond his career, Sharma enjoys badminton, reading, and movies. Additionally, he is prudent in financial investments, securing his future. For further insights into Sharma's teaching career, personal preferences, and more, a wealth of information awaits.

Praveen Sharma's Age and Personal Details

Praveen Sharma, a prominent figure in the field of accountancy education, was 34 years old as of 2019, standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 70 kg. Sharma, well-known for his contributions to the field, holds a strong educational background with expertise in teaching accountancy at the Intermediate and Final levels of the CA course.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sharma also enjoys various hobbies, including watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with his family. His dedication to the craft of teaching has earned him a reputation for his simple and unique teaching style, which resonates well with his students.

These personal details offer insights into the multifaceted individual that Praveen Sharma is, beyond his scholarly accomplishments.

Praveen Sharma's Career Highlights

With an extensive background in teaching accountancy at the Intermediate and Final levels of the CA course, Praveen Sharma has established himself as a prominent educator in the field of accountancy education. His teaching methods are known for being both simple and unique, making complex accounting concepts easier for students to grasp.

Praveen Sharma's approach to education has garnered overwhelmingly positive student feedback, with many praising his ability to break down difficult topics into manageable parts. Additionally, his provision of satellite classes to students across India has further solidified his reputation as a dedicated and innovative educator.

  • Simplifies complex accounting concepts
  • Unique teaching style resonates with students
  • Positive student feedback on his teaching methods
  • Offers satellite classes for students across India

Praveen Sharma's Favorites and Finances

Regarding his personal preferences and financial status, Praveen Sharma has a notable inclination towards certain actors, actresses, movies, singers, and colors, alongside maintaining a substantial net worth primarily sourced from his educational endeavors.

Praveen Sharma's Favorite Hobbies Praveen Sharma's Financial Investments
Playing Badminton Real Estate
Reading Books Mutual Funds
Watching Movies Stocks

Praveen Sharma enjoys playing badminton, reading books, and watching movies in his leisure time. His financial investments include real estate, mutual funds, and stocks. These hobbies provide him with relaxation and a break from his busy schedule, while his financial investments help him secure his wealth and plan for a stable financial future.



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