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Chandrashila, located at 4,000 meters on Tungnath peak, showcases stunning Himalayan vistas and an adventurous terrain, attracting nature lovers and thrill-seekers. Its deep spiritual and historical importance adds to its allure, making it a must-visit destination. Rooted in ancient legends, Chandrashila holds symbolic victory and devotion from Lord Ram's meditation, and a connection to the penance of Moon God Chandra. For more information on trekking highlights, mythological significance, and how to plan your trip, there's valuable insight waiting to be discovered.

Trekking Highlights of Chandrashila

Nestled atop the summit of the Tungnath peak at an impressive altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level, Chandrashila offers trekkers a breathtaking panoramic view of the majestic Himalayan range. The trek to Chandrashila is renowned for its scenic landscapes and adventurous terrain, attracting tourists seeking both natural beauty and thrilling challenges.

Beyond its physical allure, Chandrashila holds deep spiritual connections and historical significance. Legends speak of Lord Ram's meditation, Moon God Chandra's penance, and the defeat of the demon-king Ravana in this very region.

The trek, undertaken throughout the year with a winter variation route, provides enthusiasts with not just an exhilarating journey but also a profound sense of history and spirituality.

Mythological Significance of Chandrashila

The mythological significance of Chandrashila is deeply rooted in ancient legends and religious beliefs, adding a profound layer of spirituality to the trekking experience at this sacred peak. Legends speak of Lord Ram meditating at Chandrashila after defeating demon-king Ravana, making it a symbol of victory and devotion.

Additionally, the peak is associated with the penance of the Moon God Chandra, further enhancing its symbolic importance. Trekking to Chandrashila allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves in these tales, connecting with the rich history and spiritual essence of the region.

The mythical background of Chandrashila serves as a compelling draw for adventurers seeking not only physical challenges but also a deeper understanding of the cultural and religious significance of the Himalayas.

Contact Information and Resources

Within the domain of Chandrashila's resources and support networks, the Shri Kedarnath Utthan Charitable Trust, based in Dehradun, India, stands as a pivotal entity facilitating various aspects of engagement and assistance for travelers and enthusiasts alike. For emergency contacts, the trust can be reached at +91-135-2559898 or through email at

Additionally, the trust provides valuable information on trekking gear essentials for the Chandrashila trek. As part of the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, the trust ensures that trekkers are well-prepared and supported throughout their journey.

Whether seeking guidance on equipment or emergency assistance, the Shri Kedarnath Utthan Charitable Trust serves as a reliable resource for individuals starting on the Chandrashila adventure.


To sum up, the Chandrashila Trek offers a unique blend of natural beauty and spiritual significance, with its historical and mythological connections adding depth to the experience.

The trek, managed by the Shri Kedarnath Utthan Charitable Trust, provides essential services and support for visitors to the region.

With its breathtaking views of the Himalayan range and rich cultural heritage, Chandrashila remains a popular destination for trekkers seeking a memorable adventure.



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