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Hiral Radadiya Age, Height, Figure, Hot Web Series, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Discover the stunning Hiral Radadiya, known for her enviable 36-28-36 figure and a height of 5'5'. Rising to fame through Ullu's Charmsukh series, including Siskiyaan Season 2 and Raja Ka Baja, she navigates a career filled with highlights and occasional controversies. Radadiya's net worth, estimated at 2-3 crore rupees, mirrors her financial success, hinting at her adeptness in managing earnings. Her personal life remains a mystery, with a vibrant social media presence and guarded secrets. Embrace the allure of this rising star's journey through fame, talent, and endeavor.

Early Life and Background

Shrouded in the humble beginnings of a middle-class family in Gujarat, Hiral Radadiya's early life laid the foundation for her journey into the world of modeling and acting.

From a young age, she harbored grand Childhood Dreams of becoming a model, a passion nurtured by the unwavering Family Support she received from her parents, Nakshatra Patel and Kabir Patel.

Encouraged by their belief in her talent, Hiral pursued her aspirations and eventually made her mark in the industry.

Despite facing challenges, her family stood by her, providing the strength needed to overcome obstacles.

This unwavering support fueled her determination to succeed, shaping her into the confident and successful individual she is today.

Physical Attributes and Measurements

Hiral Radadiya possesses striking physical attributes and precise measurements that complement her mesmerizing on-screen presence. Her body confidence shines through her fit and attractive physique, inspiring many. Maintaining her figure requires dedication to a rigorous fitness routine, which she embraces wholeheartedly.

Measurement Size
Breast Size 36
Waist Size 28
Hip Size 36
Height 5'5'
Weight 58kgs

Hiral's measurements of 36-28-36, coupled with her 5 feet 5 inches height and 58kgs weight, contribute to her stunning appearance on screen. Her commitment to fitness and body positivity radiates confidence, making her a role model for many aspiring talents in the industry.

Career Highlights and Controversies

With a string of mesmerizing performances in various web series, Hiral Radadiya's career has been both illustrious and tumultuous, marked by notable highlights and controversies.

One of the significant career milestones for Hiral was her role in Ullu original series like Charmsukh Siskiyaan Season 2 and Charmsukh Raja Ka Baja, which garnered her immense popularity.

However, she faced contractual disputes with Fliz Movies, leading to a legal battle over alleged violations and reputation breaches.

Despite the controversy, Hiral received strong support from her social media followers.

This incident prompted her decision to refrain from semi-nude scenes in her future projects.

Despite the challenges, Hiral continues to thrive in the industry, with a net worth estimated at around 2-3 crore rupees.

Relationship Status and Personal Life

In the sphere of her personal life, glimpses of Hiral Radadiya's relationships and inner world offer a nuanced perspective beyond her on-screen persona.

Coming from a middle-class Gujarati family, she cherishes her family secrets and maintains a private life despite her public persona.

While her social media presence is vibrant, she keeps her rumored affairs and hidden passions well-guarded.

Radadiya's parents, Nakshatra Patel and Kabir Patel, have been a strong support system throughout her career, even during controversies.

Despite her bold roles in web series, Hiral remains single and unmarried, choosing not to disclose details about her past relationships.

This discretion adds an air of mystery to her personal life, contrasting with her more publicized on-screen roles.

Net Worth and Financial Status

Amidst her flourishing career in the industry of adult web series, Hiral Radadiya has amassed a substantial net worth estimated to be around 2-3 crore rupees.

Known for her bold appearances in various erotic web series, Radadiya's financial status reflects her success in the entertainment industry.

With a keen eye towards financial freedom, she has employed smart investment strategies to secure her wealth.

Despite controversies and legal battles, her net worth continues to grow steadily, showcasing her acumen in managing her earnings.

Radadiya's ability to navigate the complexities of the industry and make sound financial decisions underscores her determination to achieve stability and success in her career.


Hiral Radadiya's journey in the Indian entertainment industry is marked by her bold and mesmerizing performances in various erotic web series.

From her physical attributes to her career achievements and controversies, Radadiya has established herself as a prominent figure in this genre.

With an estimated net worth of 2-3 crore rupees, she continues to push boundaries and intrigue audiences with her on-screen presence.



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