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K. A. Paul

  1. A. Paul, a global figure known for peace initiatives and political engagements, has faced legal challenges alongside acclaim. Born in India, he converted to Christianity early and has undertaken extensive international peace rallies. Notable for supporting Barack Obama and endorsing Donald Trump, Paul founded the Praja Shanti Party. Despite worldwide fame, he faces ongoing legal battles, including a murder conspiracy case. His Global Peace One Initiative aimed to aid disaster-stricken areas but met FAA issues. Amid media attention and controversies, Paul's actions draw both admiration and skepticism. His story unfolds with a mix of achievements and challenges.

Early Life and Family

  1. A. Paul was born in the village of Chittivalasa, Andhra Pradesh, India, to parents Barnabas and Santhosamma.

His childhood conversion to Christianity occurred in March 1971 when he was just eight years old.

Paul's family roots have played a significant role in shaping his personal beliefs and values as he ventured on a path of Christian evangelism.

He later married Mary Kilari, with whom he has three children.

Tragically, his mother, Santhosamma, passed away on February 12, 2019, while receiving medical treatment in Visakhapatnam.

These early life experiences and family connections have influenced Paul's journey as a prominent figure in the world of Christian evangelism and international affairs.

Career Highlights and Recognition

Renowned for his extensive global travels and interactions with world leaders, K. A. Paul has garnered recognition for his impactful career as a Christian evangelist.

His evangelical impact is seen through his overseas peace rallies, drawing crowds of up to a million people.

Paul's global outreach has allowed him to engage with diverse audiences and share his message of peace and faith.

In 2006, he authored the book 'Al-Qaeda Winning–America Losing', showcasing his dedication to addressing pressing global issues through his Christian perspective.

Paul has been labeled a 'popular evangelist' and a 'man of mystery', reflecting the intrigue and interest surrounding his work.

His media features in prominent outlets like The Times of India and The Hans India attest to the attention his career has attracted on an international scale.

Political Engagement and Alliances

  1. A. Paul has actively engaged in forming alliances and backing various candidates, both in India and the United States.

Known for his political endorsements, Paul supported Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election and endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

His involvement in international diplomacy has branded him as a 'pro-Israel international man of mystery.'

In 2008, Paul launched the Praja Shanti Party in India, demonstrating his commitment to political engagement.

Despite an unsuccessful Lok Sabha candidacy in 2019, his efforts highlight a continued interest in influencing political landscapes.

Paul's alliances and endorsements reflect his interest in shaping political outcomes both domestically and internationally.

Legal Troubles and Allegations

Amid ongoing legal proceedings, K. A. Paul faces a complex web of troubles and allegations, including a notable murder conspiracy case involving his brother and subsequent legal challenges.

Paul was arrested in 2012 in connection with the murder conspiracy case of his brother K. David Raju.

Reports indicate that a non-bailable warrant was issued against him in 2019. While some sources suggest that charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence, the case remains active as of March 2023.

Paul has sought legal recourse, filing a petition for a stay against his arrest in the Supreme Court of India.

Additionally, his criminal petition in the Telangana High Court was dismissed by Justice Madhavi Devi, adding to the legal complexities surrounding him.

Global Peace One Initiative

Paul's initiative, Global Peace One, aimed to promote peace and provide humanitarian aid through a specially acquired aircraft.

The backers of the project funded the purchase of a Boeing 747SP airplane, which operated under the name Global Peace One.

This aircraft was utilized for missions to Third World countries, facilitating aid deliveries in times of disaster.

However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) later suspended the plane's operating certificate due to inadequate maintenance.

Presently, the aircraft is stationed at Tijuana International Airport in poor condition.

Its registration, N4522V, was canceled by the FAA on March 14, 2018, due to expiration.

Despite facing challenges, the Global Peace One initiative initially sought to bring relief and support to those in need through humanitarian efforts.

Media Attention and Controversies

Media coverage surrounding K. A. Paul has been marked by a mix of attention and controversy. His public perception is a blend of admiration for his international peace efforts and skepticism due to his legal entanglements. Paul's celebrity status has attracted significant media scrutiny, with some dubbing him a controversy magnet. The fame costs have been evident as his actions draw both praise and criticism. Below is a table illustrating the dichotomy of views regarding K. A. Paul:

Positive Aspects Negative Aspects
International Peace Efforts Legal Issues
Charitable Initiatives Controversial Statements
Inspirational Speaking Engagements Questionable Financial Practices

This table encapsulates the diverse perspectives on K. A. Paul, showcasing the complexities of his public image.

Current Legal Battles and Developments

  1. A. Paul has petitioned for a stay against his arrest in the Supreme Court of India as of March 2023.

Despite this effort, his criminal petition 4830 of 2023 in the Telangana High Court was dismissed by Justice Madhavi Devi.

The case stems from the murder conspiracy of his brother K. David Raju in 2012, where a non-bailable warrant was issued against him in 2019.

Reports suggest that charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence. However, the legal proceedings continue, with Supreme Intervention being sought.

As of the current developments, Court Rulings have not been in Paul's favor, and the case remains an unresolved issue in his personal and legal history.


Ultimately, K. A. Paul's impactful career as a Christian evangelist and political figure has garnered international attention and recognition.

Despite facing legal challenges and controversies, his commitment to global welfare through initiatives like Global Peace One remains a focal point of his public persona.

With a diverse array of endeavors and engagements with world leaders, Paul continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his enigmatic presence and multifaceted contributions.



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