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29 Famous Foods of Different States of India You Should Never Miss!

Hey there, craving a taste of India’s vibrant culinary landscape? Imagine sinking your teeth into a plate of spicy Misal Pav from Maharashtra, or savoring the wholesome goodness of Makki Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag from Punjab.

But wait, there’s so much more than just these mouth-watering examples. Each state in India has its own signature dishes that are a feast for the senses.

Famous Foods of Different States of India
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So, buckle up and get ready to uncover the delicious secrets of famous foods from different states of India!

Maharashtra – Misal Pav

If you’re looking for a spicy and flavorful breakfast option in Maharashtra, Misal Pav is a must-try dish that will tantalize your taste buds with its unique blend of spices and textures.

This beloved street food is known for its super spicy and tangy taste, offering various flavors of different spices.

Made with a spicy lentil curry and pav bread, Misal Pav is a delicious introduction to the diverse flavors of Maharashtra.

Misal Pav
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Punjab – Makki Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag

You’re in for a delightful culinary experience with Punjab’s iconic dish, Makki Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag, a traditional and nutritious meal that showcases the unique flavors of Punjabi cuisine.

The dish is a harmonious blend of Makki di Roti, a cornmeal flatbread, and Sarson da Saag, a mustard greens-based curry.

traditional punjabi cuisine staples

The flavors of the dish are enhanced with traditional Punjabi spices, making it a delicious and wholesome choice.

West Bengal – Kosha Mangsho

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the traditional Bengali dish, Kosha Mangsho, featuring slow-cooked mutton in a rich and flavorful spice blend.

Kosha Mangsho
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Hailing from West Bengal, this traditional Indian curry made with various spices is a popular main course. The delicious cuisine is known for its distinct flavors and is also popular in Manipur.

If you’re a fan of spicy and exotic dishes, Kosha Mangsho is a must-try!

Gujarat – Dhokla

gujarat s famous dhokla

Tantalize your taste buds with the flavors of Gujarat, where the iconic Dhokla takes center stage in the state’s vibrant culinary scene.

  • Dhokla is a traditional Indian food made from fermented batter of gram flour and chana dal, commonly served with chutney.
  • Its light and fluffy texture makes it a popular choice for street foods.

The state also offers other traditional delights like Thepla, Undhiyu, Fafda, Jalebi, and Handvo.

Kashmir – Rogan Josh

If you’re ready to embark on a flavorful journey through the culinary delights of Kashmir, then let’s start with the iconic dish of Rogan Josh.

Rogan Josh
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This traditional dish made with red hill rice and spicy grilled shrimp is unique to the region. The rich, aromatic gravy and tender, slow-cooked lamb make it a must-try when exploring the famous foods of Indian states.

Get ready to indulge in the spicy goodness of Rogan Josh!

Tamil Nadu – Pongal

Pongal, a popular South Indian dish, is a comforting and hearty combination of rice and lentils, flavored with black pepper, cumin, and cashews. When cooked, the aroma of hot steaming rice fills the air, inviting you to indulge in this traditional food from Tamil Nadu.

The main ingredients create a spicy and tangy flavor that’s best served with sambar and coconut chutney, making it a delightful culinary experience.

Assam – Papaya Khar

Papaya Khar
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As you journey from savoring the comforting aroma of Pongal in Tamil Nadu, get ready to explore the unique flavors of Assam with its famous dish, Papaya Khar. Papaya Khar is a staple food in Assam, cooked without red rice and generous amounts of indigenous spices. It’s prepared with raw papaya, offering a nutritious and flavorsome experience. Here’s a glimpse of the delightful flavors you can expect from this traditional Assamese cuisine:

Bihar – Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha
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Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the beloved cuisine of Bihar – Litti Chokha!

  • Litti Chokha is a delicious delicacy from Bihar, made from whole wheat flour.
  • The primary ingredient is stuffed with gram and roasted over coal.
  • It’s served with chutney and onion salad, offering a delightful blend of flavors.

Himachal Pradesh – Dhaam

Dive into the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Himachal Pradesh with the traditional thali offering, Dhaam, showcasing a delightful array of local cuisines. Don’t miss the chance to savor this pure and authentic taste of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh - Dhaam
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The meal includes rice, seasonal vegetables, meat, fermented rice, urad dal, and coconut milk, offering a comprehensive taste of Himachali cuisine. Check out the table below to get a glimpse of the flavorsome Dhaam.

Andhra Pradesh – Pootha Rekulu

Andhra Pradesh boasts a popular sweet delicacy known as Pootha Rekulu, which is loved for its unique texture and rich taste.

This authentic cuisine is made with thin layers of rice flour and jaggery, with each layer spread with ghee to enhance the flavor.

Prepared during festivals and special occasions, Pootha Rekulu is a South Indian sweet churma with a unique style that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Telangana – Hyderabadi Biryani

If you haven’t savored the aromatic and flavorful Hyderabadi Biryani from Telangana, you’re in for a royal treat! This famous dish features basmati rice, goat or chicken meat, curd, fried onion, and Indian spices.

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The enticing aroma of spices and saffron makes it a must-try for those who enjoy flavorful rice dishes.

Hyderabadi Biryani is a true reflection of the rich culinary heritage of Telangana.

Goa – Fish Curry


You just finished savoring the aromatic and flavorful Hyderabadi Biryani from Telangana, and now it’s time to tantalize your taste buds with the renowned Goan Fish Curry.

  • Goan Fish Curry is a popular dish in this South Asian state.
  • The curry is made with green chilies, coconut milk, and either rice or fish.
  • The blend of spices and local ingredients gives it a unique and refreshing tanginess.

Uttarakhand – Kafuli

You’ve discovered a delightful and nutritious dish from Uttarakhand known as Kafuli, a spinach curry that’s a staple in the region and is celebrated for its rich and creamy texture.

This thick curry, made with spinach, is mixed with urad, creating a rich and creamy texture that pairs perfectly with steamed rice or chapatis.

It’s definitely worth trying if you want to experience the flavors of Uttarakhand.

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Tripura – Chakhwi

Reflecting the rich culinary heritage of Tripura, Chakhwi delights with its unique blend of flavors and local ingredients.

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It’s a traditional dish made with bamboo shoots, pork, and aromatic spices, offering a delightful combination of tender meat and the earthy taste of bamboo shoots.

The dish is often enjoyed with steamed rice, providing a satisfying and flavorful meal.

Chakhwi is a must-try for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Tripura.

Jharkhand – Rugra

If you’re ready to explore the unique culinary offerings of India, let’s now turn our attention to Jharkhand’s traditional delicacy – Rugra.

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Rugra is a dish made with fried and spiced silkworm pupae, usually consumed as a popular snack. It’s rich in proteins and is considered a local specialty in Jharkhand.

The preparation involves marinating the silkworm pupae with spices and then frying them to perfection. It’s usually enjoyed with chutney or tomato.

Odisha – Chenna Poda

Chenna Poda
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Indulge in the delightful flavors of Odisha with the famous dessert, Chenna Poda, a caramelized delight that captures the essence of the state’s love for dairy-based delicacies.

  • Traditional Delicacy: Chenna Poda is a traditional Odia dessert made with paneer, sugar, and cardamom.
  • Caramelized Perfection: It’s baked to a caramelized perfection, offering a unique smoky flavor that’s irresistible.

Rajasthan – Daal Bhaati Churma

Take a culinary journey from the dairy-based sweetness of Odisha to the robust flavors of Rajasthan with the traditional dish, Daal Bhaati Churma.

Daal Bhaati Churma

This must-try dish is served with daal (lentil curry), bhaati (baked wheat balls), and churma (sweet crushed wheat dessert).

The daal is prepared using gram and litii, offering rich flavors, while the churma balances the spiciness.

Rajasthan’s Daal Bhaati Churma is a delightful combination of hearty and sweet tastes.

Kerala – Appam

Enjoyed by many in Kerala, the popular cuisine known as Appam is a versatile dish made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It has a unique lacy and crispy edge, with a soft and fluffy center, making it perfect for pairing with various accompaniments.


Usually served with a side of vegetable or meat stew, this dish showcases the coastal influence on Kerala cuisine and is a staple in households, reflecting its popularity in the region.

Meghalaya – Jadoh

One of Meghalaya’s most popular street foods is Jadoh. It is a flavorful biryani made with red rice, chunks of pork or chicken, and aromatic spices. This dish reflects the unique street food culture of Meghalaya and is usually made with dry red rice and a generous amount of meat.


Jadoh is typically made with buffalo meat, and when paired with mutton curry, it offers a taste of the diverse and delicious cuisine that India has to offer.

Madhya Pradesh – Bhutte Ka Kees

When you’re in Madhya Pradesh, don’t miss the chance to savor the creamy and mildly spiced flavors of Bhutte Ka Kees, a famous dish made with grated corn cooked in milk and spices.

Bhutte Ka Kees
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  • Street Food Delight: Bhutte Ka Kees is a popular street food, easily found in local markets and food stalls.
  • Classic Preparation: The dish is a classic in the state, showcasing the versatile use of corn in Madhya Pradesh cuisine.

Haryana – Bajara Khichri

Bajara Khichri
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If you’re looking for a hearty and nutritious one-pot meal, Haryana’s Bajara Khichri is a traditional dish made with pearl millet and lentils that you should definitely try.

It’s often flavored with aromatic spices like cumin and coriander, making it a staple during the winter months.

The dish is known for its comforting and wholesome flavors, and it pairs perfectly with roti and sarso ki roti.

Arunachal Pradesh – Thukpa

Thukpa, a popular dish from Arunachal Pradesh, is a hearty noodle soup packed with thick-boiled noodles, vegetables or meat, and strong spices. It’s a comforting meal reflecting the region’s culinary diversity.

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The dish offers a perfect balance of textures and flavors, making it a unique culinary experience. Thukpa is a staple street food in Arunachal Pradesh, appreciated for its warming and satisfying qualities.

Karnataka – Bisi Bele Bath

Karnataka’s Bisi Bele Bath is a traditional dish that tantalizes the taste buds with its unique blend of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors. This wholesome one-pot meal, prepared using gram, is one of the best comfort foods in Karnataka.

Bisi Bele Bath
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People prepare it in every household, especially during festivals. Its distinct flavor, achieved through a careful blend of tamarind, jaggery, and aromatic spices, makes it a cherished dish with cultural significance.

Nagaland – Pork With Bamboo Shots

Nagaland also boasts a unique and flavorful dish that reflects its rich culinary heritage – Pork With Bamboo Shots.

Pork With Bamboo Shots
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  • The dish is a classic that needs no introduction, due to its classic and authentic taste.
  • The tender pork and bamboo shoots seasoned with local herbs and spices create a rich and savory profile.
  • Enjoying this dish with steamed rice is a must, as the flavors and textures complement each other perfectly.

Mizoram – Misa Mach Poora

Misa Mach Poora from Mizoram tantalizes taste buds with its flavorful chicken porridge, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the region. This nutritious and delicious dish offers a unique blend of rice, vegetables, and chicken, reflecting the indigenous ingredients and cooking style of Mizoram.

Misa Mach Poora
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It’s a must-try for those interested in exploring the diverse and authentic cuisine of Mizoram.

Chhattisgarh – Chila

Chila is a famous dish from Chhattisgarh that is loved for its simplicity and flavors. It is a savory pancake made from fermented rice and lentil batter, cooked on a griddle until crispy.

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Chila is often served with chutney or a spicy curry, making it a delightful and filling meal option. Its unique taste and texture make it a popular breakfast or snack choice among the locals and tourists visiting Chhattisgarh.

Sikkim – Gundruk

Gundruk is a traditional fermented leafy vegetable dish from Sikkim, known for its strong and distinctive flavor. It is made by fermenting various leafy greens, such as mustard greens or spinach, and then sun-drying them.

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The dried leaves are later used in soups, stews, or stir-fried dishes, adding a tangy and earthy taste. Gundruk is a staple in Sikkimese cuisine and is highly nutritious, rich in vitamins, and a great source of fiber.

Manipur – Eromba

Eromba is a popular Manipuri dish that showcases the vibrant flavors and ingredients of the region. It is a spicy and tangy curry made with fermented fish, bamboo shoots, and various vegetables like potatoes, yam, and beans.

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Eromba is known for its strong aroma and intense flavors, which come from the combination of fermented fish and the use of local herbs and spices. It is usually served with steamed rice and is a must-try for those looking to experience the rich culinary heritage of Manipur.

Uttar Pradesh – Aloo Puri

Aloo Puri is a classic and beloved dish from Uttar Pradesh, consisting of deep-fried bread (puri) served with a spicy potato curry (aloo). The puris are made from wheat flour, rolled into small circles, and then fried until they become puffy and golden brown.

Aloo Puri
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The aloo curry is made with boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and a blend of aromatic spices, giving it a rich and flavorful taste. Aloo Puri is a popular street food and is often enjoyed for breakfast or lunch in Uttar Pradesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Popular Foods in Different Parts of India?

You’ll love the diverse flavors of India’s famous foods. From spicy street snacks to creamy chicken dishes, tangy fish curries to sweet rice cakes, each state offers a unique culinary experience.

What Are India’s Top 10 Foods?

You’ve got to try India’s top 10 foods! From spicy Misal Pav to creamy Butter Chicken, there’s something for everyone. These iconic dishes reflect the diverse culinary landscape, offering a wide range of flavors and culinary experiences.

What Are the Foods for Each State?

You’re in for a treat exploring famous foods from different states of India! Each state offers a unique culinary experience, from spicy street food to creamy chicken dishes, tangy fish curries to sweet rice cakes. Enjoy the flavors!

What Are 5 Traditional Foods in India?

Here are five traditional foods in India: Misal Pav from Maharashtra, Vada Pav, a favorite street food from Maharashtra, Dhokla, a popular snack from Gujarat, Butter Chicken representing Punjabi cuisine, and Rogan Josh, a signature dish from Kashmir.

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