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Salman Khan Net Worth 2024: Properties, Cars, Production House, and More

Salman Khan Net Worth 2024: Properties, Cars, Production House, and More

Salman Khan’s net worth in 2024 is approximately Rs 3000 crore, amassed through strategic investments in businesses, real estate, and luxury goods, establishing him as one of Bollywood’s wealthiest actors. His property portfolio includes a lavish 150-acre farm in Panvel and a villa in Dubai near Burj Khalifa, reflecting his refined taste and status. With a car collection featuring high-end vehicles like Range Rover and Toyota Land Cruiser, Khan showcases a discerning eye for quality. Additionally, his production house, diversified business ventures, and philanthropic work through the Being Human foundation highlight his entrepreneurial acumen and commitment to giving back.

Net Worth and Investments

Salman Khan’s substantial net worth of approximately Rs 3000 crore, as of December 2023, is a result of his diverse investments in businesses, start-ups, real estate, and luxury items.

His investment strategies and wealth management have played a pivotal role in accumulating such wealth. Khan’s keen eye for lucrative opportunities in various sectors has enabled him to build a robust portfolio, ensuring both financial stability and growth.

By carefully managing his investments and leveraging his star power, Khan has secured his position as one of the wealthiest actors in Bollywood.

His strategic approach to wealth management has not only increased his net worth but also paved the way for sustained financial success in the future.

Luxurious Properties Owned

Among the various assets in his portfolio, Salman Khan possesses a diverse range of opulent properties that reflect his stature as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

His 150-acre farmhouse in Panvel serves as a retreat for the star, adorned with lavish farmhouse decor and offering a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.

Additionally, Khan owns a luxurious villa in Dubai, strategically located near the iconic Burj Khalifa.

These vacation getaways provide Salman Khan with a perfect blend of comfort and extravagance, showcasing his penchant for luxury living.

Apart from these, his properties in Gorai, Malad, Naka Worli, and Carter Road further underline his refined taste in real estate investments, solidifying his status as a Bollywood icon with a keen eye for exclusive properties.

Impressive Car Collection

Salman Khan’s array of vehicles reflects his discerning taste and status as a Bollywood superstar.

While not as extensive as some of his counterparts, Khan’s car collection still impresses.

Known more as a car enthusiast than a collector, he owns a Range Rover valued at around Rs 2.26 crore and a Toyota Land Cruiser worth approximately Rs 1.80 crore.

Despite not harboring an extensive collection, Khan’s choice of cars speaks to his racing passion and appreciation for quality automobiles.

His selection of luxury cars and bikes adds to his charismatic persona, aligning with his status as one of Bollywood’s leading stars.

Production House and Business Ventures

Evidently, Salman Khan‘s foray into the sphere of business has been marked by strategic investments and a keen eye for profitable ventures.

His production house, established in 2011, has not only ventured into film distribution but has also successfully expanded its brand presence.

With the Being Human brand valued at approximately Rs 235 crores, Salman Khan has diversified his investments by entering into clothing brands and other businesses.

Being Human stands out as one of the fastest-growing clothing brands in India under his leadership.

Khan’s rapid expansion into various business ventures showcases his acumen for successful entrepreneurship and his ability to leverage his star power into lucrative opportunities for growth and brand recognition.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Philanthropy

Salman Khan’s lifestyle reflects a blend of opulence, diverse assets, and a notable presence in philanthropic endeavors, showcasing a multi-faceted persona beyond his successful business ventures.

His daily routine includes a disciplined fitness regime, emphasizing his commitment to health and wellness.

Khan’s extensive property portfolio includes a luxurious apartment in Galaxy Apartments, Mumbai, a sprawling farmhouse in Panvel where he engages in farming, and villas in various prime locations.

Despite his substantial wealth, Khan’s car collection is modest, indicating his preference for simplicity.

Beyond his lavish lifestyle, Khan is renowned for his philanthropic work through his Being Human foundation, highlighting his dedication to charitable causes.

This holistic approach to life underscores Salman Khan’s influence as a Bollywood icon with a heart for giving back.


Salman Khan’s net worth in 2024 reflects a strategic blend of investments, properties, cars, and business ventures that showcase his diversified financial portfolio.

From his opulent properties to his impressive car collection and successful production house, Khan’s financial empire underscores his astute business acumen and commitment to sustained growth.

His multifaceted lifestyle and philanthropic endeavors further highlight his impact and influence in the sphere of Bollywood and beyond.



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